IACO in partnership with the Great Lakes Officiais Association is offering a Rule Clinic for Coaches to help New coaches get insight into common rules that umpires administer and coaches’ question. We think smarter coaches and umpires makes for smarter ball players, which improves the game. 

This will be presented by Dave Schopf (GLOA Vice President) and Don Collings (GLOA Softball Commissioner). Coaches have requested we cover, Pre Game Responsibilities, Dropped 3rd Strike, Infield Fly Rule, Obstruction, Interference, Look Back Rule (Softball), Balks (Baseball), Fair-Foul ball, Base awards, Pitching rule, followed by a free for all discussion. 

The dates are Saturday January 14 from 9 to 11am, and Wednesday, January 18 from 7 to 9 pm. The sessions will be on ZOOM and will require advance registration and a charge of $10.

Questions?? Email/Text Don Collings at (847) 875-0514 or email GLOA-Don [at] Comcast [dot] net

Meeting 1 – January 14  9 to 11 am

Meeting 2 – January 18  7 to 9 pm